Articiocco, a wonderful surprise in my hometown…

Incredible… In my very own home town, a small village in the middle of… almost nothing, I found a gem: a wonderful, simple vegan restaurant, run by good, genuine people. Articiocco. The environment is beautiful, the food simply amazing, and Nico (the owner) and Stefano (the head chef) are just good people, with a good idea, and with the passion and desire to make it work. A high quality restaurant that is also unpretentiously vegan.

A restaurant that talks about the pleasure of real food, without shouting a trendy slogan. A place that is as true as it is simple. Here I have found people that made me hopeful for the future, an environment that kept my body and spirit warm, and a meal that made me happy. Just a thank you and a big hug to Nico and Stafano =)


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