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THOUGHTS FOR FOOD: an idea generation tool for Food Design

Thoughts For Food is a tool for Food Design Thinking. Thoughts For Food is an set of theme cards for idea generation in the Food Design process. It can be used to generate ideas for any Food Design product, service or system.

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Whether you are a home cook wanting to prepare a meal for friends and family, or a chef, the owner of a catering or a restaurant, or a designer wanting to design a food or eating event, you can use these cards to help you ggenerate better, more complete, more meaningful ideas.

The Thoughts For Food cards are the result of my research, and show the characteristics of the ideal eating experience. These cards show the twenty characteristics that make an eating experience ideal, emotional, memorable, and meaningful.

The Thoughts For Food cards are divided in five categories, summarizing the different aspect of the eating situation: foodcompanion (the person/people we eat with), others (those eating around us), environment (the eating space, where the eating happens), and general(including characteristics that influence the atmosphere, or that apply to any other aspect). These aspects all influence the eating experience. It is by considering all these aspects that you can achieve a more complete eating experience.

You can use the Thoughts For Food cards to design a dish, a meal, a dinner, an eating event, a food product, a food service or really anything related to food and eating. You can follow one of the two methodsproposed in the cards. The first can be used to generate ideas around a theme, the second can be used to generate ideas on food or eating events that ‘tell a story’. Alternatively you can use the Thoughts For Food cards to get some inspiration: spread them on a table, look at all of them, and maybe one or more of them can become the theme of your design.

But really, you can use the Thoughts For Food cards whatever way you want! Have fun with them, explore how you can use them and how they can be useful to you! And let us know about your Thoughts For Food adventures in our Facebook page!

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