Public Speaking

I often give talks to various academic and non-academic events. According to the type of events you’re organizing, here are various talk-options I can offer (the length can vary from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, according to your needs):

Talk on Food Design

For a general audience, this is an introduction to the varied and complex world of Food Design. This will broaden the audience understanding of this discipline, show them how far food creativity can – and should – stretch, and how interconnected the various Food Design subdisciplines are.

Talk on Food Design Thinking

For a more competent audience (either in design or culinary arts and gastronomy) I introduce the Food Design Thinking methodology, the theory behind it, and how it can help any company, and chef, and any designer achieve food concepts that are more innovative, more meaningful, and more sustainable.

Talk on Sustainable Food Design

An overview of what it means to design food (and for food, e.g. products, serivices, events, etc.) in a sustainable way. We’ll look closely at the Circular Food Economy and on why we should move our attention from products to food systems.


Whatever your event is, we can discuss together the best content of my talk and delivery modalities. Send me an email at onlineschooloffooddesign at gmail dot com and let’s discuss!