Public Speaking

Public speaking is my passion, and something I LOVE doing.

Have a look at some of the talks I’ve given, and read some of the feedback I’ve gotten. I put a lot of work into my presentations, and my efforts are always paid back by people’s smiles, engagement during the talk, and compliments afterward.

Below are some of the formulas I offer, but don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss something more tailored to your needs and preference.


Public Speaking:


  • 1 hour presentation on Food Design and/or Food Design Thinking

In this talk, I introduce the audience to Food Design with a journey through fascinating examples of all Food Design sub-disciplines. This will give the audience a complete understanding of this discipline, and, to more specialised audiences, an indication of where their business is located within Food Design, and how they can expand and start collaborations.

According to your preferences and requirements, the talk can simply introduce Food Design Thinking, or more thoroughly contextualise it an explain its theoretical positioning.

  • 1 hour presentation and screening of In Search of Meaningful Food

In Search of Meaningful Food is a project I started in 2014, where I collect video stories of meaningful food, trying to make sense of why some food becomes meaningful, and some simply doesn’t. These stories are surprising, illuminating, and often deeply emotional. Each story is a door into somebody’s intimate memories, and live. I’ve had the privilege of collecting about 150 stories so far, and I still collect them. With these, I’m trying to portray a picture of meaningful food, of that aspect of food that goes beyond nutrition, agriculture and science, and deep into society and personal memories. 

In this talk I share this journey into these stories and all I’ve learnt from them.

More info about In Search of Meaningful Food project here:



  • ONE day workshops on Food Design and Food Design Thinking

Introduction to Food Design and Food Design Thinking. Morning dedicated to the introduction to the Preparation phase of the Food Design process (context and target user analysis), and afternoon dedicated to the introduction of the Idea Generation phase of the Food Design process (transforming information previously collected into design ideas).

  • THREE days workshops on Food Design and Food Design Thinking

Introduction to Food Design and Food Design Thinking. Day 1 dedicated to Preparation phase, Day 2 conclusion of preparation phase and transition into Idea generation. Day 3 dedicated to idea generation and summing up.
This 3 days workshop can be used as a pilot: the company can propose a brief, and these 3 days will show step by step, how the company can implement a Food Design process of their own.
  • ONE or THREE days seminar and workshops on Food Trends & Food Design

Together with Dr. Morgaine Gaye I collaborate to Bellwether’s consulting services on Food trends & Food design: how to use and identify trends and how to apply food design to any practical brand or product problem.