BOOK: Let’s Food Design

It’s finally here! My first book. I’m so happy =)

Let’s Food Design: 7 steps to become a food designer.

A mini book with big content.


“What is Food Design?” and “How do I become a food designer?” These are the two questions people ask me the most, and these are the questions this book answers! A shorter version of the content of this book can be found in the FREE Email Course: Food Design 101, in the Online School of Food Design
Whether you want to design dishes, cakes, sandwiches, tacos… whether you want to design restaurants, cafes, food trucks or any other food service or food events… whatever your interest is, Food Design will help you to do it better.
This book is for anybody working with food and around the act of eating. This book is for:

  • all those people curious about Food Design, and who want to understand what it really is
  • all those who want to become food designers
  • those who are already food designers but are looking for new insights and inspiration
  • and those who own or work in a food company and want to start implementing a Food Design process in what they do.

Let’s Food Design shows you what Food Design is, and who food designers are. It will guide you through the initial steps to become a food designer, and finally, it will equip you with the design skills you need to start your career in Food Design.
The content of this book is also an introduction to the Food Design courses in the Online School of Food Design©, the only provider of online courses to kick start your career in Food Design.
So… Let’s Food Design! =)

I want a Paperback copy =)

I want the ebook =)

A sneak peek inside…