Food Design Thinking

Restaurants, cafes, and other food business… fail. All the time.

Why? Most articles you’ll find list these reasons: location, lack of people management, lack of accounting skills, bad food execution, poor promotion, poor inventory, etc. While these causes are all true, nobody talks about the number one reason why food businesses fail:

lack of good ideas

Here is where Food Design Thinking comes in. My upcoming Food Design Tinking course will provide you with all the tools and resources you need to generate multiple, innovative ideas for your food business (ideas for dishes, whole restaurants, events, products, etc.). The content of this course is absolutely unique, and 100% exclusive. You won’t find a similar approach to food creativity, or similars tools and techniques, anywhere else. Keep in touch to be the first one to know when this course is available.

What Food Design Thinking is:

I define Food Design Thinking as the branch of Design Thinking that is specific to Food Design.

Food Design Thinking is the creative process that leads to innovative propositions for new dishes, food products, food services, food systems, food events, and anything in between.

A Design Thinking process can be used to design anything, including food. A Food Design Thinking process only makes sense within Food Design. While it is perfectly fine to use a Design Thinking process for food projects, it is argued that when designing food and around food or eating, adopting a Food Design Thinking process will lead to better and more cohesively designed propositions.


For whom is Food Design Thinking?

Food Design Thinking is for all food lovers, from home cooks to professional chefs, food designers, bakers, restaurant managers, food truck owners, and food entrepreneur.

Food Design Thinking is for dreamers… for anyone wanting to explore their potentials within Food Design. Food Design Thinking is for those who want to take their food creativity one step forward.


What is the difference between Food Design Thinking and Design Thinking?

What makes Food Design Thinking, is a series of specifically designed tools and techniques. These are designed to trigger creativity for projects around food, and could not, for example, be used in a general Design Thinking process.

One of these tools is Thoughts for Food. For more information click here.


Where can I learn about Food Design Thinking?

coming soon… an online course on Food Design Thinking will be released soon by the Online School of Food Design©.

The course will feature a full Food Design Thinking process, with unique tools and techniques you can use to generate ideas for new dishes, new food services like cafes, restaurants, or food trucks, and new food events. The course is for anyone who wants to explore the potentials of their food creativity: chefs, home cooks, bakers, event designers, food designers, restaurants and cafes owners and managers, etc. To be the first to know about this course release date, get in touch on Facebook or enroll in any free course in the Online School of Food Design© and I’ll let you know when the course is out!


Read my academic article on Food Design Thinking:


Title: Food Design Thinking: a branch of Design Thinking specific to Food Design

Author: Francesca Zampollo


Within Design Thinking, is there a space for a set of methods that are designed specifically for a Food Design process? Is there a space for a branch of Design Thinking dedicated to Food Design only? We are just starting to understand how chefs ideate, and what recourses are available to them, considering that chefs are not usually trained in Design or Design Thinking. Given the complexity of eating situations, and the many aspects that influence it, a design method that specifically stimulates thinking around many of these aspects, can be very useful. I introduce a design method designed to generate themes on the ideal eating situation (called TED: Themes for Eating Design), the themes it has generated in a previous research, and how these themes have been transformed into a tool for the idea generation phase (called Thoughts For Food). In discussing the positive results obtained by using both TED and Thoughts For Food, I argue that yes, there is a scope for design methods and tools designed specifically for a process that aims at designing food or for eating, and that these methods can be part of a new branch of design theory that I call Food Design Thinking. 


THOUGHTS FOR FOOD: an idea generation tool for Food Design

To PURCHASE Thoughts For Food click HERE