Food Design Inspirations

Welcome to this mini-series Food Design Inspirations. New episodes are published every Wednesday!


Episode 1

This episode is TIME SENSITIVE: These are 5 Food Design crowdfunding projects for foodies, environmentalists, home farmers, baristas, cafe owners, and health and fitness enthusiasts, to go and back up now!


Episode 2

In this episode we have 5 examples of food products that make a difference. Food Product Designers… be inspired!



Episode 3

In this episode we meet 5 food startups we’re all cheering for. These are inspiring examples of the talent of creatives, entrepreneurs, and food designers all around the world.


Episode 4

In this episode I’m showing you 5 food services that are really making a difference. These should serve as an inspiration to all entrepreneurs and Food Service Designers.

Episode 5 –

In this episode we explore five examples that show the direction food, and everything food related is taking, and the future will look like.


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