Is the Doughnut Coffee the new Avocado Latte?

Coffee lovers, and doughnut lovers, brace yourselves: the Doughnut Coffee will swipe you off your feet.
It is the land of kangaroos and koalas, the land of Vegemite, of TimTams, and indeed of the avocado latte, to bring us again a new coffee delight: the Doughnut Coffee. For this sweet example of creativity we should thank Fernando Santi, barista at the Kenilworth Bakery, in Kenilworth, Queensland.
Creativity often sparks from the combination of two elements, and this is exactly what might have happened in Fernando’s head: he knew coffee, and he worked where delicious doughnuts were made every day. Long story short, today we have one more reason to travel to the sunshine coast.
The Doughnut Coffee is a cinnamon and sugar coated doughnut which has been hollowed out, its interior lined with Nutella to make it waterproof and deliciously sweet and nutty, and finally filled with a shot of espresso, milk and foam.
Kenilworth Bakery owner Jenna Sanders says that it took her, with her baking skills, and Fernando, with his coffee knowledge, a week to perfect this new product. They also make a hot chocolate version for non coffee lovers.
Why does this work? First of all, the Doughnut Coffee is a novelty, it is a new product that no-one has ever thought of before. And novelty makes customers come through the door, and pictures be posted on Instagram. Secondly, it is novel while being not too novel; a Doughnut Coffee is made of two products we know and love, and only the result of their combination is novel.
It is sweet, it is chocolaty, it is bitter and warm, it is soft and doughy… it sounds like heaven. I don’t know about you, but I would take this over the avocado latte every day!