What I can do for you and your company

Whether you are a Food Design practitioner or a Food Company, I bring Food Design Thinking to you and give you all the tools you need to design food products, dishes, events, or services. My consulting services are tailored to your needs, your projects, and your resources. Below is a representation of the whole Food Design Thinking process. You’ll be introduced and exposed to some or all methods, depending on your needs and resources.

Whatever your needs are, let’s have a chat and let’s discuss together how I can best help you. Send me an email at onlineschooloffooddesign at gmail dot com and let’s collaborate!

For Food Companies and Food Startups:

I’m not a conventional food designer who is going to design things and propose them to you. I am a Food Design facilitator. I teach you the way to design things yourself. I bring you my Food Design Thinking Methodology and teach you how to use it so that you’ll be forever equipped to design independently in the future.

The way I work is by coming to you and training you and your Food Design team to use my Food Design Thinking process. Since the best way to learn is by experience, I will follow you and your team through a Pilot process (the length varies according to your needs and resources), where I facilitate the activities while teaching all the steps and the theory behind. In the end, you can have final Food Design Concept ready to make into reality.

For Catering Services:

It will be my pleasure to show you how Food Design Thinking can help you design more meaningful, emotional, innovative, and sustainable food and eating events for your clients. I will teach you my Food Design Thinking process and give you the tools you need to design independently in the future.

For food designers and eating designers:

I provide one-to-one coaching, following you during a Food Design project and advising you along the way. Alternatively, I provide you with one-to-one lessons (in person or remotely) where I teaching you my Food Design Thinking process and give you all the tools you need generate concepts in the future.

Get in touch and let’s discuss options!



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