Interview on Food Design for (in Italian). (Jan 2017)

Interview for O’Globo, Brazilian newspaper. (Rio De Janeiro, June 2016)

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Interview on Food Design with Carolina Castellanos for All About Food Mag. (May 2015)

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Interview on Food Design in Latin America with UniAndes, given during the 2do Encuentro Latinoamericano de Food Design (Bogota’ Oct 2014).

This is an interview for the TV program Detto Tra Di Noi, for the TV Channel TRC Tele Radio City. In this interview we talk about Food Design, and about the exhibition In Search of Meaningful Food that was held in Bologna at the art gallery Oltredimore (Nov 15-29 2014)

Interview given to the colombian magazine D-mentes.


Bogota’, October 22, 2014.

Interview published in the argentinian magazine Foodie

Published in December 2013. Written by Maria Garcia Arenales. 

Photos by Fernando Pena.

Interview given to the Polish magazine Kuchina after my presentation at the Food Design Creative Mikser in Warsaw, 13.09.2013. 

This is an extract from a longer video on Cook News available HERE

Interview for Polish food magazine Kukbuk. November 2013.

UNICO designed for Venchi, selected for the Adi Index 2007.