My Designs

Francesca Zampollo Designs

Francesca Zampollo Designs presents a new line of tableclothsthat give meaning to eating together.

The Memories’ Cloth

The Memories’ Cloth is a container of emotions, laughter… memories. It captures and tells the stories you make around the fable.

Food and Fun

Food and laughter. What better combination? This tablecloth transforms your table into a giant board game. The perfect way to break the ice with new friends, and make new memories with old friends!

Think About It

This tablecloth wants to be a provocation towards the eccentricity of utensils used today to enjoy food, a provocation for you to think about all that is available to contain, cut, shop, and ultimately eat food. But what do we really need?

Think about it… and show it to the other guests sitting around you!

Thoughts For Food

Thoughts for Food is an  idea generation tool for Food Design.

See this page for more information.


Unico is a Chocolate Snack designed for Venchi s.r.l.

Unico was selected for the ADI Index 2007.

Follow Me

Follow me is a chocolate designed for food design competition: Precious and Delicious.

Follow me won the First Prize.

Exhibited at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas NV, JCK Sands Expo & Convention Centre (May 30th – June 3rd 2008) and Hong
Kong (September 11th 2008).


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